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  On the 22 december 2012, Daniel Ichbiah, a french journalist and writer, gave a lecture about robots in the Futuroscope entertainment park. The lectures was based about his famiyse book ‘Robots genèse d’un peuple artificiel’, (Robots – genesis of an artificial people). Robots genèse d'un peuple artificiel

The lecture was filmed by Futuroscope and put online in Youtube and Dailymotion and so far, has attracted thousands of viewers. Robots genèse d'un peuple artificiel - conférence

The book  Robots genèse d’un peuple artificiel originally appeared in France in 2005. It was published by Minerva – La Martiniere and was acclaimed for its exhausitivity and avant-garde feeling. At the end of 2005, it received a prize : the Roberval prize. Since then, the book has been updated by Daniel Ichbiah. The new version is on sale in most digital libraries : for the Kindle, for Apple iPad, for Google Android tablets, for the Kobo… The digital version covers recent major facts of robotics. Futuroscope

The video of the lecture given by Daniel Ichbiah in divided 4 parts :

Part 1 – Why robots will do the dirty work

Part 2 – Examples of incredible uses of robots, the kind of which most people do not know about

Part 3 – Why robots will never replace man and other myths and facts

Part 4 – Why is it urgent to invest in robot technology

Daniel Ichbiah is a french writer with many best-sellers such as

. ‘Les 4 vies de Steve Jobs’ (The 4 lives of Steve Jobs) n°1 in France in august 2011,

. ‘La Saga des Jeux Video’ (Saga of videogames) a history of videogames which has already had 5 publications to this date

. ‘Bill Gates & la saga de Microsoft’, a biography of Bill Gates published in some 15 different countries

Daniel Ichbiah has also written many biographies of musical artists such as Michael Jackson, Coldplay, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Elvis Presley….

Futuroscope is an entertainment park located near Poitiers in France and devoted to futuristic attractions.


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